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  Christmas 2008.


Hi Family and Friends,

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We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!

Love from,
Ant, Shayne and Ty.

2008 News

Hello Friends and Family,
Another year has gone by and this one seems a whole lot faster than the last one. Ty is in High School, mom and dad have a few more grey hairs, (although I think Middle School nearly did us in!!!) and BMX racing is still the top of our agenda all year round.

Anthony and I finished another successful year of running our local BMX track, and since there were no takers for 2009, we will be back out there again. Our track has signed up 85 new members this year with our largest growth in the pocket rockets, our 5 year olds. Signed up 18 of those little BMXers. Now their dads are racing and we have a blast each race day. We hosted a State Qualifier, the State Championship and the Georgia Olympic Games, plus 2 successful rider clinics.

Anthony was excited when we bought him a great second hand 4 wheeler for the track. It does make his life easier when we are short on volunteers. Next year, the track will be again hosting a Regional Series race for the NBL in July. Anthony and I now work part time for the NBL running the SE Regional series for them. We actually get paid for this one!!! Well, it means we have to travel more in the South East Region, but Ty gets to do all the regional races and we have fun. We will start next year January in St Petersburg, Florida, then North Carolina, then Alabama, and then our fair city. (gotta luv that one just have to roll outta bed)

For the National circuit we still travel too, I have my team commitments, just raced in Tennessee over Thanksgiving, then we are off to Lexington Virginia for 5 days of racing for the Presidents Cup and 2 days of Nationals, then Georgia and back out to Florida, and maybe we will pick up a National back in Tennessee in the summer. That will qualify us for the Grands. Grands 2008 were successful for all the Robinson Family. Anthony maintained his number 5, made his main, I won the Grands again but have #2 plate as I didnít maxout my points going in, and Ty moved up to #19 in the Nation. Considering he has just hit the 100 pound mark and is 5 foot tall we were very pleased for him. I sometimes wonder if the other parents feed their children steroids, they are as tall and as big as Anthony. Ty looks like a little bit small out there!!! He races beautifully and is a joy to watch, very smooth and technical. Anthonyís highlight of the year was a picture he had taken with the Hooter Girls at the Augusta Regional we refereed.

Ty and Anthony are enjoying their motorbikes more this year. Just about every free Sunday they are out in Senoia climbing those hills and making trails. The last 6 hour ride they went on, neither could get out of bed the next morning. Anthony ran out of gas in the middle of a large puddle and had to walk his bike back to the truck, then his bike fell over and knocked a ding in the truck, then he had a gentle fall. Ty and his friend Timmy ride until itís dark and they canít see the trails anymore. This next weekend Ty and Anthony are going with some teammates to another location for an all day ride. Jay, the other dad, has excellent skills on a motorcycle, and Ryan has raced some too. Take a look at some of the photographs. One thing, I have bought my boys all the right protective equipment!!!!!

Something a little less strenuous on the body, Ty has taken up the electric guitar. Well, my ears will never be the same as heavy metal is his choice of music and with the amplifier in the house it is enough to drive you insane. The good news at least we can recognize the music. At the moment he is totally self taught and seems to like it that way! Every now and then the boys and him talk about their band, but not one parent has agreed to have drums as their instrument of choice in the house!!!Ha Ha.

Yes in between all this we have managed to get a vacation in. We headed to the beach in July for a week of beer, sun, sea and sand. Ty got lucky and was invited to go again for another week with his friend Michael to a different beach. He even got to go parasailing. After seeing the size of the jellyfish in the blue ocean I doubt he will go again though. He had a blast surfing, and skim-boarding with Michael. Most of Tyís friends are 15-16, so some of them drive now and when they have sleepovers, the boys disappear in the golf cart and check in for hunger reports and that is all. Wonder if we will ever see Ty once he gets his license? Ha doubt it!

I did manage to get another marathon in this year and competed in the Nike Womenís Only marathon in San Francisco, California. Spent 3 days out there and it was beautiful. Had a great run and set a few personal best times, brutal hills and horribly paved streets, but seeing the good looking young man dressed in a tuxedo at the finish line to hand you your TIFFANY silver necklace was all worth it. The crazy reasons I run for just boggle the mind! Next year I hope to be able to find the time to go to Venice Italy and run the canals, BMX commitments allowing!

Delta Airlines still flies and will fly next year with NorthWest. I believe Anthony has gotten more grey hairs from this merger than from his teenage son!!! The good news is that he still has hair to go grey!! There will certainly be a lot of challenges during this transition and taking time off for Anthony will be a nightmare, but we will make a plan. At least we still fly!!!

No other milestones to report. Slither our pet snake is now 9 years old and still alive, the fish celebrated its second birthday thanx to mom (Ty has a really bad track record with fish, the longest a fish has lived in his care is 24 hours!!!). Update 12-11-08: Fish dies of old age!!!!

We are in the process of redoing our bathroom, a project we have delayed for 2 years. Turning it into a deluxe shower instead. We will have to duke it out with TY for shower time I am sure!

Hope you are all doing well and have a truly wonderful Christmas and a terrific 2009. Lotsa luv, Anthony, Shayne and Ty.

We would love to hear what you and your family are up to, so give us a shout!

The Stileman Clinic battlewagon

Ty and his Mom

Ty on the sea kayak

Ty chillin'.

The simple life...

Ty is ready for dinner

Ty working on his tan - what tan?

Sunset on Panama City.

Ant's 2004 YZ125

Ty and his friend Tim

Augusta Hooters girls 2008

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