The Robinson family from Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  Christmas 2006.


Hi Family and Friends,

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We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!

Well 2006 has almost come and gone and it seems like it is time for the newsletter. The years just appear to be flying and biking and running away literally!!! Ty is getting older, his Mom and Dad still believe that age is a thing of the mind with the body rudely telling us otherwise, so we are getting more childlike! Our garage has more and more toys in it and not enough hours in the day to play!!!!

BMX has been yet another very busy year for us. We started the year with a weekend in Vegas for the Competition Congress as State Commissioner ( me) and track Director ( Anthony). Another good weekend of learning new programs, new incentives and basically gambling and partying in no particular order! Anthony was the track director for 2006 and will keep his position for 2007, with myself as President for 2007 as well.

We have a lot of fun and have had a successful year. Anthony enjoys the teenagers, is looking fitter than ever, shoveling really works him out, and racing has been great.

We have done a rebuild of the track, Anthony worked in 20 degree weather in the rain in his shorts, we now have a wonderful new concession stand and bathrooms, and we have sodded most of the track. Looking good out there!

We have run a very successful teenage program throughout the summer vacation and next year we will be both be spending a lot of time working with the city on teenage extreme sports programs. I was awarded volunteer of the year for the State of Georgia for our work here and got spoilt at a banquet in Savannah. My year as Georgia State Commissioner was not without it ups and downs but all in all significant growth in BMX and we have money in the bank finally. I was voted in for another year and we will be running 5 tracks for the State series next year.

We held a 50/50 fundraiser to pave our track's 3rd turn and donated half of the proceeds to the Soldier Ride organisation. Soldier Ride kits out wounded soldiers with modified bicycles and these vets pedal across the USA to raise funds for the rehabilitation of other wounded soldiers!

We all did pretty well on the National level and Regional level. Anthony is actually get some air on the jumps now, Ty continues to get faster and faster, and Mom just has fun out there ( getting air isnít everything!!!) You need to check out our photographs of the racing family. Anthony ranked 5th in the nation , I am 6th ( actually I have my own age group this year!) and Ty 28th but 3rd in the region.

Ty is getting more and more into dirt jumping and he and Anthony spend hours in the woods building dirt jumps. I believe today is the day that Anthony plans on jumping something!!! This year Anthony has joined Ty and I in winning a Letterman Jacket. We won ours last year! So he is a very happy man!!!! Of course have to mention, that I got to the mains in the Grand nationals this year, got bumped by another rider coming out of the gate, but managed to finish 6th, and a BIG trophy. I do make Ty and Anthony mad, and yes I have placed this trophy in Fat City, that sponsors us, for them to see, admire and sigh!!!! I have also been picked up by a National team Bizzarro for National racing. It was like Xmas in November, I got so much stuff for my bike, and new racing pants, helmet and warm up shirt and racing shirt. I was so excited.

In about another 6 months we will have to upgrade Tyís bike to a larger frame as he is getting tall but is still lean and mean!! He only weighs in at 83lbs, and some of the guys he races weigh in at 110lbs plus. Yes, Ty still has beautiful long curly blond hair!! Very blue eyes and the girls adore him!!!! His hair literally flies behind him when he is racing. He nows wears a little diamond in his pierced ear, the ring earrings kept getting caught in his helmet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over Xmas we will be in Columbus Ohio racing for our State team, Georgia, and then staying on for the 2 day national. This is also a UCI Olympic trial race so all the pros from all over the world will be there!

This summer, Ty spent a week at an extreme sports camp at Woodward in Pennsylvania. Next year Anthony and Ty will both be going to Camp Woodward for a week of training and I have plans to go to Cabo, Mexico with Cricket to play in the sea sun and sand for a week. Cricket has a house there on the ocean with unlimited access to the resort!!! Life is definitely good.

I have not had much time to get my runs in this year, but still plan to do the marathon in Venice Italy next year, and then Maui Hawaai the year after! Other than that I have been running along nicely keeping up the mileage, listening to my 60ís music on my mp3 player!!

Peachtree City BMX have also been awarded a regional series for may 2007. We have a lot of work to do for that to have it up and running. Expecting approx. 300 riders and their families for an entire weekend. This is the first time in 17 years that the NBL is coming back to Peachtree City.

Anthony still works at Delta and Delta is still flying. We will probably know in February when we come out of bankruptcy what the future holds!!! He loves working there and living in Peachtree City so heres hoping that all goes well.

Ty is now in Grade 7, one more year of middle school and then it is high school!! My how the time flies. He is legal to drive the golf cart around with a parent in the passenger seat. He does not like to drive with me too often because I really do like all 4 wheels on the ground going round the corners, and Dad and him push it!!! He is big into fireworks and blowing things up. I think this is a definite male gene! Dad is reliving his childhood and blowing up things too. Both Ty and Anthony have their own myspaces, I will get them to fill in the address and you can always log on and see what the boys are up to.. Ty has some great video of him and his friends jumping the trails!

Inbetween all this Ty and Anthony take out their dirt bikes on Sundays for some extra riding. This is great cross training for Ty and Anthony . Ty got some serious speed the other day and cased a 60 foot table top jump and then dropped 20 feet down the backside of the jump, carried on up the other jump, raced around, got to the truck, and got off his bike. He called me to say that he nearly wrecked and he was a little shaky!!! Anthony tells me that he was behind Ty and that his balance was incredible because he should have come flying off!!! Needless to say he has a little more respect for the power band on the bike now!! ( till the next time I am sure) Ty still has all his canoes etc. but we were only able to go to the beach for a week this year. Perhaps next year? We were hardly home long enough to enjoy our own swimming pool this year.

Anytime you would like to know what the Robinson family are up to you can log onto our website and, whatever is happening there is where we are at!!! Anthony does the websites for us.

Yes, we did manage to get our beach vacation inbetween the BMXing and spent a week in Daytona Beach, Florida. It was the best weather and we just lazed around swimming all day and did not leave the resort all week. Due to time constraints we flew into the resort this time so left our toys behind!

Well folks that is all for now. We wish you and yours a very happy holiday season with lots of happiness always for 2007.

Lots of Love, Anthony, Shayne and Ty.

Click on: Peachtree City BMX website. to find out where the Robinsons will be in 2007.

View from hotel window
Morning person

Local TV channel

Daytona Beach

Ty skimboarding

GA volunteer of the year

Soldier Ride donation

Watching Ty race

NBL Grands practice

Ty and Johnny, relaxing

Trophy girl

Ty tweaks it!

White (old) men can jump!